DeLonghi Coffee Machine Troubleshooting: Milk Issues

Milk Not Heating Up Properly

Crema Coffee Garage's DeLonghi Coffee Machine Troubleshooting resources is designed to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues you may be having with your machine, such as issues with milk treatment. We are located in Newcastle and Brisbane, Australia - Australian enquiries only.

If you find your milk is not coming our very creamy or is not heating up correctly, there could be a number of issues causing this. Milk fat and protein levels can vary temperature quite a lot. If you have changed milk recently, this could be a contributing factor. The milk from the farm is also constantly changing and can be an issue. Try a different milk to ensure this is not the problem. You can also try pre-heating your cups, which can assist in maintaining the temperature of your coffee.

In saying that, if the type of milk or cold cups isn’t the issue, lukewarm milk or any temperature issues with the milk are likely due to the machine needing a good clean. Your machine might require a descale, as scale on the inside of your coffee machine can reduce its performance and its ability to heat.  Perform a descale and try again.

If the issue persists, another solution you could try is milk restrictors which can help increase temperature, but are really only required in older models.

Alternatively, if your machine is taking longer to heat up than it did when you first purchased the machine, you need to bring it into Crema Coffee Garage, a DeLonghi approved service centre,  for assistance. It may require a new heat generator or could have a possible blocked or faulty valve. It is recommended that you run a clean and descale before you commit to a service on the machine though.


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Crema Coffee Garage is an Australian Delonghi Approved Service Centre.

If you are unable to solve the issue with the information provided you will need to contact Delonghi to find your nearest service center or bring your machine to us and book it in for a service/repair.