DeLonghi Coffee Machine Troubleshooting: The Infuser is Stuck

The Infuser is Stuck

Crema Coffee Garage's DeLonghi Coffee Machine Troubleshooting resources is designed to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues you may be having with your machine, such as the infuser in your coffee machine being stuck. We are located in Newcastle and Brisbane, Australia - Australian enquiries only.

The infuser sits beside the grinds bin and is where the spent coffee pucks are dispensed, and it can get stuck up or down during its usual brewing motion.

This can happen for a few reasons:

  • -The machine power being interrupted during a brewing process
  • -A door being opened at the wrong time
  • -A process being interrupted

To best resolve this, check the following:

  • -Make sure your drip tray and grounds bin are in place.
  • -If you have tried to remove the infuser, make sure the red buttons on the infuser are not slightly pressed in. Push the infuser backwards. This will click it back into place if need be.
  • -Unplug the machine from the wall for 30 seconds, and then turn it back on to reset the machine.

If you have managed to remove your drip tray and cannot get it back in to do the above reset, follow the process above, but instead:

  • -Open the front door and remove the grounds container from the drip tray.
  • -Put the grounds container back into the machine (minus the drip tray) and close the door holding the grounds tray into place as it will not sit at the correct height without the drip tray. You may need to lift it ever so slightly as you close the door.
  • -Turn the machine power on. This should reset the infuser and it will go back into its correct position.

If the infuser does not go back into position after these attempts, you will need to bring it into Crema Coffee Garage, a DeLonghi approved service centre,  for assistance.


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Crema Coffee Garage an Australian Delonghi Approved Service Centre.

If you are unable to solve the issue with the information provided you will need to contact Delonghi for your nearest service center or bring your machine in to us and book it in for a service/repair.