Office Coffee Machines

Crema Coffee Garage is an award-winning Australian roaster offering the best in office coffee and automatic coffee machines.

With two locations, one in Newcastle and another in Brisbane, we are able to provide sales, beans, supplies, service, and repairs all locally! We provide all the products you’ll need and full comprehensive local support to keep your coffee tasting great.

Our range of automatic coffee machines for office include trusted brands with a reputation for top quality construction and user-friendly functionality, such as Jura and Carimali.

We have an expert team online and in store to help you choose the right machine to suit the specific needs of your employees and business. They consider the cups per day and type of coffee you require to match you with the perfect package.  

If you are interested in renting an automatic coffee machine for your office or you would like a service plan option, please contact your closest Crema Coffee Garage branch to talk to an experienced Crema agent.


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  1. Jura WE8
  2. Jura Impressa XS9 Classic
  3. Jura Impressa XJ9 Professional
  4. Jura Giga X3 Professional
  5. Jura Giga X3C Professional
  6. Jura Giga X8 Professional
  7. Jura Giga X8c Professional
  8. Jura Giga X9c Professional
  9. Carimali Harmony Smart
  10. Carimali Harmony
  11. Carimali Harmony Touch
  12. Carimali Optima Soft
  13. Carimali Optima Soft Plus
  14. Carimali Harmony Cup Warmer
  15. Carimali Harmony Integrated Milk Fridge
  16. Carimali Harmony Integrated Water Tank
  17. Milk Fridge 21L
  18. BIANCHI GAIA Vending Espresso Machine
  19. Jura Stainless Steel Milk Thermos 600ml
  20. Jura Milk Frother
  21. Cool Control Basic 600ml
  22. Professional Fine Foam Frother
  23. Jura Compressor Cooler Pro
  24. Carimali Optima Integrated Milk Fridge
  25. Carimali Optima Cup Warmer
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