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Why Partner With Crema Coffee Garage?

We love to share our passion for great coffee and one of the ways we do that is through providing services, training and café supplies to locations across Newcastle, the Hunter Region and Brisbane. If you’re opening a café or want to take your current business to the next level, Crema Coffee Garage can provide café supplies to help you achieve your goals.

We’re currently looking for partners in the Newcastle, Hunter Region and Brisbane areas who are passionate, who want to learn about all things coffee and grow their business, representing the Crema brand with genuine excitement.

Our philosophy since we opened in 2002 is to deliver personalised service and to invest in our partners, ensuring everyone involved receives the best result possible. We make this happen by providing a team of experts to help you on your coffee journey.

As a family business, headed by Jane and Tim Peters, Crema Coffee Garage has established a dedicated team of passionate coffee lovers. Our aim, across all sectors, is to share our passion for coffee through offering great products, industry knowledge and impeccable service. The coffee industry is constantly innovating, so it’s important to partner with a business like Crema that is at the forefront of this innovation, sharing what we’re learning every day about new products and techniques coming into the marketplace.

If you have the right business and the drive to create memorable coffee experiences, we want to partner with you. After years of running cafés, we have developed an intimate understanding of what clients need in café supplies, and have the knowledge and tools to help you exceed your goals. Crema Coffee Garage can help with all aspects of your coffee business, including Café Supplies, Commercial Machines, Coffee Beans, Marketing, Product Selection, Supplier Contacts, Design, and more! Contact your nearest Crema Coffee Garage for more information.

When you partner with Crema Coffee Garage for your café supplies, you will receive:

  • A welcome letter with a run down on the various team members and how best they can help you;
  • You will be assigned a partner consultant to make sure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish and to help you at any stage with any questions you may have;
  • An order team will follow up your orders regularly with a call or email to help you with restocking, new products, or even just to check you have received your café supplies;
  • Orders personally delivered to you where possible, which allows us to check on your equipment and assist with any issues your having with the machine, grinder, dosing, etc.;
  • Access to our technical department, which has been running for over 10 years now and provides a high quality level of service, who will respond to our clients promptly to resolve any technical issues they’re having.

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Café Supplies Provided by Crema Coffee Garage

Coffee Machines

When opening a café, the first thing everyone looks at in café supplies are coffee machines and all the accessories to go with it. It’s fair to say that a quality commercial coffee machine is at the top of everyone’s massive purchase list (which we know is sitting on an even bigger to-do list), but few people realise the options that are available to them.

Cafés have a vast array of needs and we do our very best to cover all bases to ensure that we give you the best result possible. To make this happen, it’s important that you contact us and tell us your requirements, then we can tell you how we can help.

Depending on your situation, there are a few options for cafés including buying, renting and on-loan-agreements. Having different options available allows us to accommodate for all the potential circumstances of current and will-be clients, and meet their individual needs.



Buying a coffee machine and café supplies gives you the full freedom of owning your equipment and the ability to be as flexible as you want with pricing, servicing and the company you want to use.

Our question to you is… if you are opening a café, and the most important piece of equipment in the café is your coffee machine, why are you toying with the idea of renting or loaning when you could own your pride and joy?

At Crema, we always say that it is best for businesses to buy their own café supplies, because there are many upsides. Whilst the lure of machinery without an upfront cost might seem appealing, it is obvious that at some point the coffee company needs to cover the cost of that equipment. Potentially they will even need to add on to cover a bit more for that possible downtime in coffee purchases. When you consider this, the long term cost versus the actual cost of your coffee machine can vary greatly.

In saying that, there are other factors you need to consider when purchasing a commercial coffee machine upfront. These factors include the output cost of upgrading in the future, not to mention regular servicing to make sure your machine is ship-shape and continues producing great espresso. Even with these considerations, buying is still often the best and most cost-effective option.



Why would someone rent a café coffee machine?

There are so many reasons why, but a few answers would be:

-The business venture is only a 12, 24 or 36 month contract.

-You may not be sure the venture will be fully viable.

-You don’t think your coffee volume will be huge to start or ongoing, but you want to get good equipment to produce the best product to complement your menu and/or to give your business the best chance possible.

-Tax reasons or low available capital (if these are your reasons, you should seek advice here)

-You don’t want the pressure of purchasing 10kgs of coffee per week

To accommodate clients operating under these circumstances, we offer very competitive rental programs. If you are using the premium blends produced by Crema Coffee Garage, our rentals include all technical repairs, maintenance and support (excluding negligence and filter replacement cost). These are financed in-house and offer our clients peace of mind as they begin their business journey. They don’t need to worry about the café supplies, because everything is taken care of.

If you don’t want to use Crema’s coffee, we also have a number of external finance company options.


On Loan Agreement (OLA)

Many years back, Australian coffee companies looked for different ways they could attract customers over to their brand and the lure of a café coffee machine at no cost seemed ever so tempting for many clients. This trend still continues today, but it is not as popular as it once was; simply because the margins in coffee have become tighter and business expenses have gone up. Ultimately the price charged on each kilo of coffee covers a portion of the machine expense each week, with some companies hedging more than others. Obviously, companies are not going to give you thousands of dollars of equipment without confidence that your business can achieve a minimum volume, although most do allow for a trial period to allow for the coffee volumes to grow. However, after this period the business will be required to achieve a desired minimum consumption, so if this is something you are considering for your own business you should inquire about the minimum consumption expected for this arrangement and assess your ability to achieve this on a regular basis. This does require careful consideration before committing, simply because if the expected volume is not achievable for your business it can result in a rental charge as well.

Contact your nearest Crema Coffee Garage for more information on commercial coffee machines.

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Café Coffee Equipment & Accessories

We have an extensive product range of coffee equipment, accessories and brands available. In our shop you will see products, coffee equipment and accessories from trusted industry brands such as:

Check out our online shop or speak to our team about our huge range of café supplies!

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Coffee Beans

Crema Coffee Garage is a boutique coffee roasting house, located in Newcastle, and we provide coffee beans as part of our café supplies service. We currently supply coffee beans to the cafés, restaurants, hotels, clubs, church groups, offices and various other kinds of organisations across Australia. All our coffee is roasted on-site in small batches to ensure we carefully control the sensitive nature of roasting to create that bit of magic that happens in every cup. We also roast each week, so we can deliver the best and freshest coffee beans direct to you.

Would you like a Custom Coffee Blend or your own Private Label in your Café? Book in for a private tasting and find out why Crema Coffee Garage is one of the most trusted boutique coffee roasters north of Sydney. We constantly evaluate and tweak our blends to ensure that they are on the money as far as flavour and profile are concerned.

We have a great range of blends and have something to suit most palettes, including a Certified Organic Fairtrade blend. We understand that our clients, and their clients for that matter, are constantly looking for something different in their café supplies. So we have an extensive Single Origin menu as well (check out our Single Origin Program schedule for the coming months). All of our participating café’s receive free POS with the Origin description and saucer tasting notes. You will want to come and see Doug on roasting days for top quality tips and advice, plus get whiff of that amazing coffee roasting smell! Give us a call to discuss the best times to drop in.

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Branded Marketing for Your Café

The current café trend in branded marketing is all about creating your image, brand or look, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own! Here at Crema Coffee Garage, we can work in with your café’s branding or style. If you are interested in privately packaged goods or just more subtlety in product design and marketing, we can provide custom branded café supplies for your business. If you want to rep Crema loudly and proudly, we also have full Crema branding available. Ultimately, how you want to brand and market your business through your café supplies is up to you, and whatever you choose we are here to help you do it. Branded products include umbrellas, wind breaks, aprons, cups and more. Contact your nearest Crema Coffee Garage for more information.

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Café Barista Training

Crema Coffee Garage understands that the primary source of your income and reputation as a café comes from the quality of the coffee you produce. Obviously food is important, but to ensure that they are best friends, quality food can only be successful when coupled with a fantastically made coffee.

As we have been training Baristas and café clients in Newcastle for over 12 years, we understand what needs to be carried out and what really doesn’t. We can offer you everything from nationally recognised accredited training to speed and consistency testing. We can book your barista and other staff in at any time to learn at our first class teaching facility, fully equipped with machines and grinders for everyone.

As a café owner, why should you seriously consider barista training?

Australia’s coffee culture produces some of the best brew in the world and the idea of being a trained Barista needs to be held in high regard, as this is the only way we can get people to value the role of the Barista and to take pride in their work. This will help us to preserve the envious reputation Australian coffee culture has earned over the years.

We have found the best way to get the most out of the barista training is to identify two key people in your café as the Head Baristas and send them to us. We will train these people at our cost to be your workplace trainers, motivators and quality control officers. We will ensure these two staff members have the knowledge to do anything that they need to do in relation to coffee, from adjusting grinders and pouring a correct cappuccino to diagnosing technical issues.

We find by having these two leaders , there are two people in the workplace that have the responsibility to ensure all staff follow suit and represent your business to the best of their abilities. The rest of the staff are more than welcome to come along and we will be more than happy to give them a discount.


Click here to check out all our Barista Training Courses.

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Why Partner With Crema Coffee Garage? \ Cafe Supplies Provided by Crema Coffee Garage - Coffee Machines - Cafe Equipment & Accessories - Coffee Beans \ Branded Marketing for Your Cafe \ Cafe Barista Training