Pour Over Coffee

What is Pour Over Coffee?

The Pour Over coffee method is a quick and efficient method for making a light brew with minimal acidity, creating full bodied coffee with an exquisite tea-like consistency. This method uses paper filter, which was invented by Hausfrau Melitta Bentz in 1908, who went on to establish the Melitta Company. Her incredible invention was an instant hit, with Bentz selling over 1,200 filters at the 1909 Leipzig Fair alone!

Pour Over is a modern paper filter method that gives the brewer greater control over water temperature and brew time to produce a smoother, sweeter and more delicate coffee. Brewers can easily customise the flavour and strength of their pour over coffee by adjusting their pouring speed; for example, pour quickly to get a lighter coffee and slower for a darker brew. This manual process allows brewers to produce a coffee brew that is tailor-made for them and their preferred tastes.

This method is enjoyed all around the world, becoming popular for home use among coffee lovers everywhere and has inspired a variety of pour over products. Japan in particular has adopted the pour over coffee method as a huge part of their coffee culture, and its presence in Japanese cafes has been central in the reigniting the rest of the world’s passion for this paper filter method. Take your morning ritual to the next level and experience the taste sensation of Pour Over coffee for yourself.

How to Make Pour Over Coffee

What you will need:

Brew Time:

3 minutes

Pour Over Brewing Ratio:

We use a ratio of 1:15 coffee to water - i.e. 20g coffee to 300ml water or 25g coffee to 400ml. The recipe below will be using 20g of coffee to 300ml of water.

Step 1: Bring your filtered water to the boil, an ideal temperature is between 87-94◦C. Then place your paper filter in the pour over dripper and rinse with hot water (this will heat the dripper and server, as well as remove any paper taste from the filter).

pour over, brewing guide, step 1

Step 2: Put 20g ground coffee into the paper filter and gently shake or tap to create an even surface, then place all equipment on the scales and tare them off (the scale should read ‘0.00g’ with all equipment and coffee on it). This will let you weigh only the water as you’re brewing.

pour over, brewing guide, step 2

Step 3: Start the timer and pour 40g of water over the grind so it is completely saturated. You will notice the wet coffee start to expand and bubble – this is called a bloom, which occurs when water hits fresh coffee grind, allowing carbon dioxide (CO2) gases to escape. Let the coffee bloom until the 30-second mark to let the coffee de-gas. Remember when pouring start at the outer rim and use a circular motion to cover as much of the grind as possible.

Step 4: After the bloom, start pouring the water in a steady stream using a circular motion and moving the stream towards the centre. You will pour up to 180g of water over 30 seconds. Break at the 1-minute mark.

pour over, brewing guide, step 3

Step 5: Let the water recede and filter through until the water level is around halfway, then start pouring again (circular motion moving towards the centre) to reach 300g of water over another 30-seconds.

Step 6: Allow this pour to filter into your cup, removing the server when most (not all) of the water has passed through. 

pour over, brewing guide, step 4

Step 7: Serve the pour over black and enjoy! You can even drink a little sparkling water before drinking to cleanse your palette.

pour over, brewing guide, step 5