Crema Coffee Beans & Blends

Since the discovery of coffee beans almost 1000 years ago, humanity has sought out the best ways to brew and enjoy coffee. Once considered magical, the coffee bean has transcended time and culture to establish a rich history of flavoursome luxury.

To seek out and explore the complexities of coffee beans and brewing is a proud tradition we take very seriously at Crema Coffee Garage. In upholding this tradition, we have gathered a tribe of coffee lovers and engineers to bring the magic of coffee to Australia. In this pursuit, Crema has selected coffee beans from the best regions around the world – from Africa to Indonesia, and right across to Central America! Our team of experts have taken these beans and carefully crafted Crema’s range of coffee blends that truly treat the senses.

Creating great coffee through blending is so much more than just finding great origins and throwing them together. It’s an intimate process of identifying the unique properties of each bean and blending them to complement each other, to enrich the overall flavour and aroma of the blend. Each of Crema Coffee Garage’s coffee blends and single origins are roasted, tried and tested at our roasting house in Newcastle.

Whether you are looking to try new coffee blends at home, are looking for a particular taste to suit your location, want to experiment with different single origins, or want an ethical option for enjoying this special brew, you can be assured that Crema Coffee Garage are offering you the best of what we love. It’s this love for coffee, and our desire to share this passion with all of you, that puts a little magic in every cup.



Our Crema coffee blends include mostly Arabica blends, although we also have blends that include premium honey processed Indian Robusta beans for extra intensity. Our coffee blends are carefully crafted to produce specific flavours and aromas when brewed using different methods. Our current blends include:


Excess altitude or absence of coffee = lethargy, lack of coordination, dizziness & irrational behavior. Easiest way to re-climatise is a good dose of Altitude straight up. Altitude excels brewed by Pour Over.


Whilst bathing in a tub of Dom Perignon, Marie Antoinette famously stated "Let them eat cake!" to appease her starving subjects. What she actually stated was "Give them Black Caviar!" because, as a caring ruler, she knew that the elite plantations of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, Dota in Costa Rica, Sipi falls in Uganda & a special honey processed Robusta delivers flavours that explode across the palate.


St Peter said to Gabriel, "Hey Gabe, I've been drinking way too much coffee mate. These humans have been queuing at the gates 24/7 and it's the only way I can keep focused, but now I've got the shakes." Gabriel replied "No worries Pete, I'll have my people use some of that crystal pure water from The Nile headwaters to extract the caffeine and you'll be sweet."

Tall & tan, young & lovely, the Girl from Ipanema sips the crema from her morning coffee ritual. Her sigh of gratitude, uttered with closed eyes, engenders a slow smile of satisfaction. Brazilian based, these beans are easy on the palate.

14 Kingdom Road is home to a family of Burundi refugees who sought refuge after being chased out of their village for maintaining a centuries old rhythmic drumming tradition. Unfortunately the loss of their sweet percussion has allowed the return of the fruit bats that feed on their precious coffee berries. Rare and bold, these beans are fit for a king.


Montezuma ruled the Aztec Kingdom for 20 years and reportedly favoured black coffee with a dash of liquor while bathing in the lap of luxury. It was rumoured that he ordered sacrifices of young maidens to please the coffee gods. These beans offer ethical purity that Montezuma enjoyed but never followed.


Born on a Tuesday, this Brazilian beauty is top heavy with Ruby fruit goodness. True to its name, it is as smooth as chocolate with no sharp edges. This sweet, buttery red-head has a nutty character & leaves no bitterness at the end of the ride.


Garth the Gorilla walks into a bar and says to the barista "Give me a strong coffee, one that will put hair on my chest." The barista, intimidated as he should be, served the feisty Garth a syrupy cup of Silverback. The sophisticated punch from the awesome high-grown Indian Robusta pleases Garth, so he rewards the barista with a wink and a chest pump as he strides out the door.


Inland from the exotic port of Zanzibar, Ngoma, a Ugandan slave, smuggled green coffee beans from the jungles of Central Africa and used these to secretly grow a coffee plantation on his master's estate. His master considered this so preposterous and ingenious that he granted Ngoma his freedom. Let the Zanzibar richness liberate you.

Crema Coffee Garage Single Origin Coffee Beans

Crema obtains coffee beans from a variety of regions around the world, including: Ethiopia; Colombia; Brazil; Costa Rica; Uganda; Guatemala; India; Mexico; Antigua; Honduras; Indonesia; and Rwanda. These are roasted in-house at our Newcastle, NSW location. We roast a new single origin every fortnight and put it on to sample in the Brew Bar for our customers to try. Learn more about our single origins and available dates.

Crema Coffee Garage Coffee Subscriptions

The Crema Coffee Garage Subscription makes it so simple and easy for our customers to enjoy the coffees we love most and want to share with you. Basically, every fortnight we will send you a 500g bag of coffee (whole beans or ground). Follow this link to sign up for a subscription.