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Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System

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The Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System is a BPA -free coffee brewing system that produces a naturally sweeter and far less acidic brew!

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Produce Toddy Cold Brew Commercially for Your Cafe, Bar or Restaurant!

The Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System is specifically designed for brewing in commercial locations, such as cafés and restaurants that need to be able to brew large quantities quickly.

Cold brewing is one of the simplest methods in use for making incredible tasting coffee and is in high demand during the warmer months of the year.

The Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System process is very straight forward and easy for anyone to do. Simply insert your nylon filter and paper filters inside the Toddy drum, then combine your coffee grind and cold filtered water together, making sure all the ground coffee is saturated and seal the filter bags shut. Place the lid on top and let this sit for at least 12 hours (no more than 24 hours), then lift the filters out of the bucket and drain the extract into the bucket. Once stored in decanters or bottles in a fridge, the cold brew will last for up to 2 weeks.

Toddy recommends commercial brewers use the following ratio: 2kg of coffee with 11.2 litres of cold filtered water; yields 8 litres of coffee.

Cleaning the Toddy Commercial System is also very easy, simply dispose of your grind (you can just leave it in the paper filter bag, sealed), rinse the nylon strainer and let air dry, then hand wash the Toddy drum and rinse out.

The result of the Toddy System is a naturally sweet, cold brewed coffee, bursting with flavour and with minimal acidity. This high quality brew is deliciously smooth, bringing out all the undertone flavours in your coffee blend, and is easy to mix and match with different foods, milks, and recipes.

The Toddy cold brew coffee can then be served as is over ice, with water or milk, or as a specialty iced coffee! Many customers enjoy the cold brew as an ingredient in special beverages, in cocktails, or as a replacement to an espresso shot in desserts, etc. Whatever you wish to do with coffee, the Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System can help make it happen!

The Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System, which is BPA free, makes large quantities of high quality brew in a way that is not intrusive to the rest of your operations, making it easy to incorporate into your current business model. 

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