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Tiamo Cold Drip 6-8 Cups


Expand your knowledge of coffee and brewing with the Tiamo Cold Drip Coffee Brewer is a 6-8 cup dripper, featuring a wooden frame and glass equipment!

The Tiamo Cold Drip Coffee Brewer Perfectly Blends Elegance & Functionality

The Tiamo Cold Drip Coffee Brewer is an ornate style setup that is more traditionally associated with cold drip coffee, and is made to brew up to 6-8 cups of coffee.

The best part of owning this gorgeous piece of equipment is that it will teach you more about coffee overall, about the different flavours that are unlocked in cold brewing, and the value of different methods in making coffee.

Don’t be fooled by the Tiamo’s impressive, yet intimidatingly complicated aesthetic – it looks difficult, but it’s actually fairly simple to use. The main difficulty is in finding the right drip rate to suit the blend and your taste. 

In the very top container you place cold filtered water (make sure the drip valve is completely sealed before doing this), the middle container houses the coffee grind and filters (one to sit under the grind and one to sit on top of it), and the bottom container is the carafe that catches all the coffee as it drips down. This process should take at least 3 hours to complete.

The idea behind the Tiamo cold drip coffee brewing method is actually pretty scientific. Without using all those being science-y words, the aim essentially is to unlock the sweeter or character flavours in the coffee, but with far less acidity or bitterness than hot brewed coffee. This is because many of the oils and fats that create those acidic or bitter flavours can only be unlocked at certain hot temperatures, so cold brewing effectively bypasses these and only unlocks those awesome fruity, chocolatey, nutty or citrus undertones. Plus, the slow extraction of the coffee means your brew is still packing loads of flavour and caffeine. Thanks science!

Once the process is complete, you can store your extraction in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure! Perfect for a hot morning or afternoon, you can drink it neat in a cold glass or over ice, or even add a dash of milk for some creaminess. Cold brew coffee is also a great to add into blended coffee drinks or even add to recipes for some truly inspired coffee creations.

The Tiamo Cold Drip Coffee Brewer is made of high quality tempered glass, set in a wooden frame, and manufactured in Taiwan. They yield approximately 6-8 cups in a single brewing session and is the perfect tool for making exceptional coffee.

Dimensions (mm): 700 x 140 x 210

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